54 Points Later: Steph Curry Wins, but Golden State Loses

Steph Curry 54 Points Against Knicks - BleacherReport.com
(Photo “courtesy” of The Bleacher Report)


by Ballin’ Jones

Hardcourt Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


I thought I was the only one, but I was oh, so wrong.

On Wednesday night, Steph Curry became my favourite basketball player of all time. Again. It’s happened a few times now.

You see, Steph and I have been intertwined since his dog days at Davidson, as much as a sometime fan and a full-time player can be. I was the only one in my March Madness pool to predict Davidson and Curry would upset mighty Georgetown in the 2008 tournament, and I rode that prediction to a 2nd place finish. (Damn you, Memphis.) It just so happened that Curry wound up with the happiest-go-luckiest franchise of the very young 21st century. It’s been a long time since Rick Barry patrolled Golden State’s perimeter, and Steph was coming into his own on a team that didn’t enough owns.

This year, I took him early. So early that another player in my Fantasy group (“Oh My Bosh!”) responded to my pick with, “Steph Curry. Didn’t he die last year?”

I was happy enough with Curry’s performance this year. I was happy seeing him elevate himself to a comfortable fixation within the NBA’s elite (and current) point guards. But, what’s happened the last two nights is impossible.

It’s so impossible, it actually happened.

38 points against Indiana in 37 minutes on Tuesday was enough, but the 54 (and 11 three-pointers) on Wednesday against New York — in Madison Square Garden?! — was incendiary. Explosive. Cream-your-slacks-worthy.

Curry just actually did what Jeremy Lin got credit for doing last year.

Only, he’s the real thing. He’s had to spend the last three years proving it, and it’s been as rocky as the final level in ‘Smuggler’s Run’.


“Furthermore, Curry is the first opponent to score at least 50 points at Madison Square Garden since Carmelo Anthony on November 27, 2009,” wrote the Bleacher Report on Wednesday night. “More than three years later, Curry scored the third-most points of any opponent to visit MSG since 1985.

“The question is, how did Curry manage to perform at such an unthinkable level? What is it that motivated him to make history?

“Perhaps everyone on the floor reminded Curry of the man who shoved him to the ground less than 24 hours ago.”

That man would be Roy Hibbert of the Pacers. Curry was fined $35,000 for the incident that happened with the Warriors’ loss to Indy on Tuesday.

Remember, Curry dropped 38 in that game.

But, Jesus, seriously? 54 freakin’ points?

For a guy like that? A guy who “died last year”?

Well, there’s another side to this dime…

In their last two games — when Curry scored a combined total of 92 points — the Warriors didn’t win once.

Think about that.