$44 Million: A Golden State of Mind for Steph Currey

The Golden State Warriors inked their franchise player and padded their resume in their now-almost-completely-obvious title of Coolest Team in the NBA, locking up Steph Currey on Wednesday for four years and $44 million.

Simple math tells us that’s $11 per season. Oh, wait. That’s a lot.

Currey’s an ultra-smooth long-baller who seems ready to call connect whenever he runs down the court. He’s injury prone and tiny, but doesn’t that just make him a little cooler? For an underdog to be an underdog — which Golden State has been ever since Chris Mullin left or they ventured into the wilderness with those WWE-themed uniforms in the 1990’s and early 21st century.

“Curry battled an ankle injury for much of last season, but has been one of the league’s top young guards when healthy,” writes SB Nation. “He has averaged 17.5 points, 5.8 assists, and 4.1 rebounds per game since being drafted with the seventh pick out of Davidson in 2009. Curry has hit 44 per cent of his threes as a pro, and pairs with Klay Thompson to form one of the best sharpshooting backcourts in the NBA.”

Steph is, of course, the leader and the go-to guy on Golden State. Monta Ellis is gone, so he won’t have to wait for the ball like he’s in a deli line. Andrew Bogut is there. Thompson and David Lee are there. The team’s his, and he has to run with it.

“It’s a blessing to have that responsibility,” said Currey, speaking about his new role as the undisputed leader of San Jose. “I don’t take it lightly that Coach Mark Jackson has a lot of confidence in me to go out there and do it. I approached this season with that in mind, to go out and be a vocal leader on the floor.

“It does┬ámean a lot to have that backing from the coaching staff, from your ownership and from your teammates, as well.”

Well, at least he gets it. $44 million should buy you someone who gets it…


Meanwhile, if you’re clinging to Curry’s magic with the Davidson Wilcats, that stuff’s below…