$3.2 Million: Baseball’s Average Salary Hits a New Record High

Hey. Wanna know something you already know? Baseball players make a lot of money.

While this is good news for baseball players, it comes with an “unfortunately”, because the wage gap between the poorest and the richest of clubs grew last year. The rich got wealthy. The poor got Houston.

According to ESPN, Major League Baseball’s average per player salary rose to a now-record $3.2 million per year. It’s also increased every year since 2004, when the average salary was a paltry $2.313 million.

“The New York Yankees had the highest average for the 14th consecutive season at $6.88 million, rising after consecutive declines from a peak of $7.66 million when they won the World Series in 2009,” wrote the Associated Press. “The Los Angeles Dodgers rose from 13th to second at $5.55 million and Texas from 15th to fifth at $4.89 million.

“At nearly $685,000 Houston had the lowest average since the 2006 Florida Marlins.”

So, the New York Yankees and James Patterson… some peoples’ hobbies have paid off for them.