2013 NFL Preview: The Tennessee Titans and Uncle Leo

Tennessee Titans

Seinfeld equivalent – Uncle Leo

Why? – His success relies on the Rolex others drop in the trash.

Offseasonish – The Grizzlies, or something?

Real offseasonish – Kenny Britt’s suspended. Jake Locker’s looking for a real gig, and with the Titans. The team isn’t good enough to get the attention bestowed upon the Texans, isn’t bad enough to get the attention bestowed upon the Colts, and isn’t… Jacksonville, either.

Oh yeah, and their uniforms suck.

Matinee Idol – Jake Locker. Everything is perfectly set up for the kid, who will see his first action as the Titans starting quarterback after watching Matt Hasselbeck naturally progress (okay, age) out of the same position last year. Locker has some weapons to work with, and a guy named Chris Johnson to hand the ball off to when his arm isn’t working. Locker will have every chance to prove he’s worth the wait. That’s either really good or really bad, but he should get laid a couple times, anyway.

Chris Johnson – The book’s out on Johnson, who’s now entering Year 3 of his “Is He Great Or Was He Great?” transition phase. Everyone goes through a phase. Well, normally in college, but still.

Nate Washington – Washington exploded for serious relevancy last season when Kenny Britt went down, and everyone’s looking at him to fade into fantasy obscurity in 2012. It won’t happen. As long as Locker puts the ball in the air, that is.

Matt Hasselbeck – He’s still there, you know?


Who cares.