2012 World Series: 5 Things to Expect for Game 3

We won’t try and sugar coat this or make it sound more attractive than it really is. 5 Bold Predictions? Over/Under? No thanks.

Here are 5 Will They/Won’t They Calls for Tonight’s Game 3 from Detroit’s Comerica Park.

(*San Francisco leads the series, 2-0)


1. Buster Posey hits a home run

His rather average postseason considered, Buster Posey has the distinction of being the only 14-year-old to hit a Grand Slam in this year’s postseason. That one came against the Cincinnati Reds. You may remember it. It effectively ended that series. Look for Posey to mash one out of the park tonight… and then probably go cold for Games 4-7.

2. Detroit Wins

While we’ve been behind San Francisco — and the National League — for over two weeks, the Detroit Tigers CAN NOT let this thing become a do-or-die in Games 4, or 5, or 6, or 7.

(*Okay, so it already is do-or-die, but there’s no way the Tigers dig themselves any deeper right now without being forced to relocate to Windsor.)

This team is better than the Yankees, or the Athletics, or the Orioles, so you can’t apply the same fates to them or compare them to those clubs. You also can’t compare the Giants to the Tigers as so many were, because the Reds and St. Louis Cardinals are both better than the Yankees or the Athletics.

REASON: They can all hit.

Detroit is suicidal in general. They’re already going to lose their Winter Classic (or, Ann Arbor’s Winter Classic). They can’t lose this, even if they already think they will.

Tigers win, 6-3.

3. Bruce Bochy gets ejected

It would just be fun to see.

4. Prince Fielder hits a home run…

… or gets thrown out at home again, moving a (generous) 2 MPH.

5. FOX begins its pre-game montage with the Tigers bust at Comerica Park

Have you ever seen it?

Comerica is already a jewel in the thick, bogey-filled rough that is downtown Detroit. The ballpark is all you can point your cameras at without making the viewers think Miguel Cabrera will get shot by Mekhi Pfifer’s character from 8 Mile.

No. They’ll hug those tigers, and hug them tight.