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It’s Friday. It will come and go. There’s new news about the NHL’s ongoing, back-breaking lockout, which is that there’s no new news at all. Gary Bettman will talk. Bill Daly will talk. Donald Fehr might say something. Something might say anything. And, come Saturday, we’ll probably just be waiting for better news again, like we always are.

“In light of media reports this morning, I can confirm that we delivered to the Union a new, comprehensive proposal for a successor CBA late yesterday afternoon,” Daly said, according to a story by staff.

The NHLPA then held a conference call to discuss it. As they always do…

“We are hopeful that once the Union’s staff and negotiating committee have had an opportunity to thoroughly review and consider our new proposal, they will share it with the players,” continued Daly. “We want to be back on the ice as soon as possible.”


The Score¬†also reported on the new offer shortly after, with the most intriguing aspect of it being the possibility of a “Mulligan Clause” (not the official name, just a good one as far as we’re concerned). That would allow any team to buy out — essentially¬†redo — any of their worst contracts.

That’s nice for every team, but… isn’t it kind of bullsh*t?

After all, this is all about business and business decisions. What kind of businessman gets a mulligan?

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