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Can you see “FedEx”? Just making sure… (Photo “courtesy” of

Karl Yu
Editor, Grand Forks Gazette

Sponsorships seem to be the life blood of sports these days.

Notice the Rona patch on the B.C. Lions’ jerseys? Research in Motion’s Blackberry logo was notable throughout the Christmas Day NBA games and there were a few commercials for the latest model of the Blackberry Bold.

Want further proof? Look at the massive schedule for NCAA college football bowl games and see the numerous companies attached to any and every bowl game.

Champs Sports, Little Caesars, AT&T and Hyundai are just some of the names of the bowl games and then there are those sponsored by companies the average Canadian probably has never heard of.  

What’s a Chick-fil-A?

Don’t forget about the companies in the prestigious Bowl Championship Series (BCS), big-name bowl games either.

The Rose Bowl is sponsored by Vizio, Tostitos has its name attached to the Fiesta Bowl, there is the Discover Orange Bowl and Allstate is sponsoring both the Sugar Bowl and the BCS title game.

All that has me thinking of companies that aren’t sponsoring a bowl game and here’s a couple of potential bowl games that could and should be.

The Trump Entertainment Bad Hair Bowl

Donald Trump has his paws on everything from hotels, Reality TV and he even came this close to becoming a presidential candidate.

He was the owner of a football team (New Jersey Generals) in the United States Football League or USFL (Google it or look it up on Wikipedia, kids).

It only makes sense that he have a bowl game named after him, no?

The Trump Entertainment Resorts Bad Hair Bowl has a nice ring to it.

The Dash Flash In A Pan Bowl

The next time you’re at a the checkout stand at the grocery store, take a gander at the tabloids and I dare you to find one that doesn’t have Kim Kardashian on the cover in one way or another.

It seems like the socialite loves getting attention and what better way than through having her own sponsored bowl game?

She owns a clothing store chain called DASH with her sisters.

Mind you, there would probably be a lot of hype and marketing for the DASH Bowl but the game would probably fall short of expectations.

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