Ohio Statement: The Buckeyes Spoil Michigan’s Undefeated Season


by Shane Tamale

Southwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Arizona. Duke. And now, Michigan.

But, that’s okay. The last time the Wolverines were supposed to win an NCAA championship, Chris Webber called a timeout when he didn’t have any.

The kids from Ann Arbor became the final college basketball team to blow their undefeated record on Sunday night — actually, the final in a matter of days following AZ and Duke’s bobbles last weekend and just before — in a 56-53 loss to Ohio State.

Oh boy, and wouldn’t the Buckeyes have loved that.

“Some go in and some don’t.”

That was Wolverines point guard Trey Burke goin’ all Socrates on us. Burke’s final shot circled the rim but never tumbled down the drain. Had he made it, the game would have gone to overtime. Instead, No. 2 Michigan dropped to 16-1 and has to wait to see what the NCAA decides to do with its pinball-like rankings.

Ohio State, by the way, is 13-3.

Right now, ESPN’s “experts” are leapfrogging the Wolverines entirely. In their eyes, the No. 1 comes down to Louisville, Indiana, Kansas, and Duke.

Yeah, well… they had Notre Dame #1, too.


*Meanwhile, in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers pulled it together juuuuuuuust in time to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. So, when is this Space Jam thing going to end? We’d like the Clippers to give back their Monstars power to Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, please.